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Prabowo Subianto Invited to Visit President Ramos Horta of Timor Leste

Prabowo Subianto, revealed that he is considering accepting an invitation from President Ramos Horta to visit Timor Leste

Singapore – President-elect for the 2024-2029 term, Prabowo Subianto, revealed that he is considering accepting an invitation from President Ramos Horta to visit Timor Leste. Prabowo shared this during a Q&A session at the Sharing-la Dialogue forum in Singapore on Saturday (1/6).

Prabowo also shared that he has become very close with Ramos Horta during their meeting at the forum.

“Now you can all imagine, I was sitting at the same table with Ramos Horta. We hugged each other, walked side by side, and shook hands,” said Prabowo.

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According to Prabowo, this moment is a real manifestation of the good relations between Indonesia and Timor Leste as neighboring countries that once had conflicts. He believes that maintaining good relations with other countries is a tradition of Indonesia, which is friendly with everyone.

“Consider how many years ago I was involved in the Indonesia-Timor Leste conflict at that time. Now we are old friends,” said Prabowo.

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Not only maintaining good relations with Timor Leste, but Prabowo also spoke about the good relations between Indonesia-Malaysia and Indonesia-Singapore. Prabowo mentioned that Indonesia, along with Malaysia and Singapore, resolve differences without external interference.

“We once had conflicts with Malaysia and Singapore, but now we have become old friends, like siblings. We resolve differences without external interference. We settled disputes by ending quarrels with Malaysia, Singapore,” Prabowo explained.

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He believes that the improvement in relations between Indonesia and its previously conflicted neighboring countries should serve as an example for major countries that are currently competing. Prabowo considers that guaranteed security comes from good relations.

“Real security comes through very good relations, especially with neighboring countries. This is our tradition as an Asian nation. We must be close and friendly with our own neighbors,” said Prabowo.


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