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Ahead of Inauguration, Prabowo Subianto Focuses on Solutions for Rapid and Optimal Progress

Prabowo Subianto, revealed that he continues to focus on finding and formulating solutions to the various challenges

Jakarta – The President-elect of Indonesia for the period 2024-2029, Prabowo Subianto, revealed that he continues to focus on finding and formulating solutions to the various challenges currently faced by the nation.

This effort is part of the preparations being made by Prabowo along with his team and supporters as he gets ready to officially assume leadership in Indonesia. He hopes that these solutions will help alleviate the difficulties faced by the public.

“So, I am actually very grateful to have six months (of preparation). I consider this as a very useful preparatory period for me and my team,” Prabowo said during an interview session titled “Exclusive Dialogue with President-Elect Prabowo Subianto” broadcast on the YouTube channel @tvOneNews, Wednesday (22/5).

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“We really have to work hard, think thoroughly, and find creative and appropriate solutions to bring rapid progress to our people,” he added.

Prabowo acknowledges that the mandate given to him must be carried out with a strong sense of responsibility, ensuring he does not disappoint the Indonesian people.

“They have given their trust, which as a responsible person, always makes me think, I must not let down those who have entrusted me,” he said.

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Prabowo added that he wants to see Indonesia grow as a nation and country that is advanced and competitive with other nations worldwide.

“I want to see my nation truly independent. And if independent, it means my people must live with full dignity, viability, and self-respect. That’s what drives me,” he stated emphatically.

With the various blessings bestowed by God, Prabowo is aware that these must be utilized for the benefit of the Indonesian people.

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“If the Almighty gives me health, intelligence, and ability, I must give and contribute all of this to my people,” Prabowo explained.

“I believe that every individual, every Indonesian has a love for their own nation. We see, for example, in football matches, how enthusiastic our fans are, to the point that other nations are also amazed when they see our supporters. That’s just one example. I think all our people have a love for the homeland,” Prabowo clarified.


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