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In a joint effort with the King of Jordan, Prabowo Subianto Spearheads Indonesia’s Airborne Aid Delivery to Gaza

Jakarta – The Indonesian Air Force’s Super Hercules C-130 (A-1340) aircraft successfully carried out an air dropping of aid from Indonesia to Gaza, Palestine, on Tuesday (9/4). This mission was a collaboration between the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) and the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF), spearheaded by Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and King Abdullah II of Jordan.

A total of 20 aid packages were sent, consisting of food, mineral water, and medicines, each weighing 100 kg. The aid was transported from the King Abdullah II Airbase Airport in Zarqa, Jordan, at 11.36 local time (15.36 WIB), and then delivered to Gaza through a low-cost low-altitude (LCLA) parachute method at the southern dropping zone in Gaza, at 16.50 WIB.

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“Alhamdulillah, thank you for the cooperation of all parties involved in this good collaboration between the TNI and the Jordanian army,” said the Commander of the Task Force (Dansatgas) for the Aid Mission, Colonel Pnb Noto Casnoto.

The delivery of aid from such an altitude marks the fulfillment of President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) declaration made in Madiun on the previous Friday (8/3). Jokowi highlighted Indonesia’s unique position as one of the select countries able to extend assistance to Gaza through aerial means.

The collaboration between Indonesia and Jordan began when Prabowo spoke with Abdullah II by phone, on Tuesday (12/3). Prabowo conveyed Jokowi’s wish for Indonesia to be able to send aid directly to Gaza.

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Then, this request was followed up by Abdullah II by asking the Jordanian Ambassador to Indonesia, Sudqi Al Omoush, to meet Prabowo at the Ministry of Defense, on Thursday (21/3), and extend a direct invitation for Indonesia to participate in the operation of launching humanitarian aid to Gaza by air.

“Indonesia acknowledges the everlasting friendship with Jordan as both countries remain committed to fostering world peace, especially in the Middle East, and enhancing bilateral cooperation for mutual prosperity and wellbeing,” said Prabowo during the meeting.

Subsequently, the cooperation between the TNI AU and RJAF was carried out to undertake the air dropping mission to Gaza together. The delivery of aid departed from Jakarta on Friday (29/3), carried first to Jordan, and then parachuted from a height by the Super Hercules C-130 aircraft.

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The friendship between Prabowo and Abdullah II has been long-standing, dating back to when Prabowo was studying at Fort Benning, one of the world’s finest military special forces education institutions, located in the United States.

Indonesia remains one of the countries actively advocating for Palestine’s independence at all international forums, including the United Nations (UN), and maintains no diplomatic relations with Israel.

On Wednesday (24/1), in a ceremonial gesture, Jokowi and Prabowo presented the Indonesian Air Force with a Super Hercules C-130J-30 aircraft. This plane is the fourth in a series of five commissioned by Indonesia to enhance its air transport capabilities.


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