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72nd Anniversary of Kopassus, Dedication of the Song ‘Ksatria Kusuma Bangsa’ to Prabowo Subianto

Soldiers of the Special Forces Command (Kopassus) dedicated the song 'Ksatria Kusuma Bangsa' to the 15th Kopassus Commander, Prabowo Subianto

Jakarta – Soldiers of the Special Forces Command (Kopassus) dedicated the song ‘Ksatria Kusuma Bangsa’ to the 15th Kopassus Commander, Prabowo Subianto. The song was performed live by 11 soldiers during the peak ceremony of the 72nd Anniversary of Kopassus at the Kopassus Headquarters Field in Cijantung, on Tuesday, (30/4).

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The song was featured in a video tron showing Prabowo in various activities, from his early days as a soldier, through his service in various operations as the Commander of Kopassus, to his current role as the Minister of Defense of Indonesia.

It was also noted that the song has been performed by Kopassus in various competitions and has won several awards, including first place in the Persit Central level singing competition in 2018 and first place in the Army Adjutant General’s (Ajenad) singing competition.

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“On this auspicious occasion, I also express my respect and pride for all the veteran elders who have made Kopassus as formidable as it is today,” stated General Agus Subiyanto in his address.

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In recognition of this achievement, following the performance, Prabowo presented a commemorative pin as a token of appreciation. All 11 soldiers involved received this pin.


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