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World Muslim League Congratulates Prabowo Subianto on Presidential Victory

Letter from SecGen Muslim World League to Prabowo Subianto

Jakarta—The World Muslim League has officially congratulated Prabowo Subianto on his victory in Indonesia’s 2024 Presidential Election. The sentiments were expressed in a heartfelt letter from Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, the League’s secretary-general.

“I would like to congratulate Your Excellency, on behalf of the Muslim World League and its global bodies; councils; and assemblies, on winning the Presidential election in the Republic of Indonesia, a country so dear to our hearts,” Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa wrote. The letter, dated March 24, 2024, was sent from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the deep respect and hopeful outlook the League holds for Indonesia.

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“I wish for Your Excellency all the success, and for the Republic of Indonesia more prosperity and advancement,” Sheikh Al-Issa continued.

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Established on May 18, 1962, and headquartered in Mecca, the World Muslim League is a significant non-governmental organization that includes members from 60 entities across 22 Muslim-majority countries. The organization aims to foster international solidarity and support among Muslim communities worldwide.

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