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The Eternal Vision of Statehood

By: Prabowo Subianto [excerpted from “Strategic Transformation of the Nation: Towards Golden Indonesia 2045”, pages 15-19, 4th softcover edition]

Indonesia was liberated to become a strong and respected state—a nation admired not just for its prosperity, but also for its justice and equity. Its people live free from oppression, enjoying happiness from Sabang to Merauke.

Governing for Progress and Prosperity

My journey into politics began with a realization—an enlightenment gleaned from studying the histories of Indonesia and other nations, engaging in discussions with hundreds of economists, business leaders, and statesmen both domestic and international, and from decades of service as both a soldier and a businessman.

The first realization is that the economic and political system chosen by our founding fathers—the Pancasila model of democracy and economics—is indeed the best framework for building Indonesia and fulfilling our aspirations for independence.

Second, the economic system currently employed by our country strays from the guidelines set forth in the original 1945 Constitution, dated August 18, 1945.

Third, I recognized that realigning our nation’s economic path would be impossible without engaging in the political arena. Hence, in 2008, I founded the Great Indonesia Movement Party, GERINDRA.

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In 2012, I was nominated by GERINDRA to stand as a Presidential Candidate in the 2014 elections. Though not victorious, I received support from at least 62 million Indonesian voters.

In 2018, I was again endorsed by GERINDRA to run for President in the 2019 elections. Again, while not winning, I was supported by no less than 68 million Indonesians.

Despite being a relatively new party, established in 2008, GERINDRA received the second-highest number of votes in the 2019 Legislative Elections.

I authored this book to broaden the understanding among Indonesian citizens about the current state of our nation and the path forward.

The support I and GERINDRA received during the elections is a testament to the vision, mission, and programs I proposed to all Indonesians. As a political warrior, it is my honor to advocate for a just and prosperous Indonesia—an Indonesia envisioned by our founding fathers, an ideal that motivated them to secure our independence.

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The Declaration of Independence in August 1945 was meant to be a bridge to a just and prosperous society. Yet, as you can see and experience, 78 years post-independence, we have not yet achieved justice and prosperity for all Indonesians.

Our current state budget is far from ideal, with tax revenue relative to economic activity below 10%. This insufficient budget hampers our ability to finance essential welfare programs. A nation must prioritize human development, ensuring every citizen has access to quality education, healthcare, and decent living conditions, and opportunities for entrepreneurship, whether individually or collectively.

We must aspire to match the infrastructural advancements and social successes of nations like China, which eradicated extreme poverty, achieving a 0% poverty rate by 2021, marking 100 years of the Communist Party.

Effective political struggle requires collective action. That is why I joined the Indonesia Onward Cabinet alongside my former opponents from the 2019 elections, President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin. After extensive deliberations, President Jokowi and I now share a unified vision, committed to a collective endeavor to fulfill the dreams of our founding fathers.

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Are we on the right path? I believe we are now correctly directed, though our journey remains long. This struggle will not conclude with this administration or the next.

This prolonged struggle compels me to raise awareness among Indonesian citizens about the challenges our nation faces, underlining the need for political education. Only through such education can we achieve the collective consciousness necessary to engage in the significant and enduring struggle to realize the dreams of Indonesian independence: a nation that is just and prosperous for all.

Ladies and gentlemen, our journey to fulfill the dreams of independence is challenging. Along the way, we must combat neo-colonialism and the global capitalist system and its proxies.

We must oppose those who wish to see Indonesia remain dependent on their products and services, those who undermine our agriculture and our processing and foundational industries.


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