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Indonesia Ready to Contribute to Immediate Ceasefire Efforts in Gaza, Prabowo Subianto Reaffirms Support for Palestinian Independence

Prabowo Subianto reaffirmed the government and people of Indonesia's strong support for the independence and sovereignty of Palestine.

Amman, Jordan – Indonesian Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto reaffirmed the government and people of Indonesia’s strong support for the independence and sovereignty of Palestine.

This declaration was made by Prabowo during the high-level Gaza emergency conference titled ‘Call for Action: Urgent Humanitarian Response for Gaza’ held in Amman, Jordan, on Tuesday (11/6).

“The Government of Indonesia and the Indonesian people once again affirm their strongest support for the independence and sovereignty of Palestine as a real solution to the conflict in Palestine and Gaza,” Prabowo stated firmly.

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Beginning his speech, Prabowo appreciated the steps taken by Jordan, Egypt, and the United Nations (UN) in initiating this high-level conference for Gaza.

Further, Prabowo highlighted countries that consider themselves modern and civilized yet commit acts that could be considered crimes and violations of international humanitarian law, especially those affecting civilians and civilian infrastructure. Prabowo described these actions as indirect violations of modern war law.

“We call upon all major countries to use their significant influence to enforce international law conventions,” added Prabowo.

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As part of the international community, Prabowo stated Indonesia supports various strategic steps toward achieving peace, including ceasefire proposals, one of which was introduced by U.S. President Joe Biden.

Indonesia is also ready to contribute to all efforts leading to an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and to participate in all stages following the implementation of such a ceasefire.

“Indonesia is prepared to contribute to all efforts that can lead to an immediate ceasefire and take part in all phases after such a ceasefire is implemented,” he said.

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At the conference, Prabowo also emphasized that Indonesia will continue to support efforts to achieve a ceasefire and believes that a two-state solution is the ultimate resolution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

“While we are willing to support and contribute to all these efforts, the ultimate solution to this issue is a two-state solution. Only with a two-state solution can Palestine and Israel live side by side in peace and security, and this issue can be resolved,” Prabowo concluded.


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